Hi Guys, its December, the year has gone so quickly. I have just gotten back from another trip with Mike Ball up to Lizard Island this time. This trips’ idea was to get to parts of the Great Barrier Reef that very few people normally get to go to and wow, they delivered. With a round trip of over 1000 kms, it was a fantastic seven nights.

We headed north from Lizard island, stopping at some of the remote ribbon reef sites on the way up before heading out to Osprey reef. Osprey is known for its deep wall dives and its shark populations and we saw a lot of both of these things.

Heading up to Stanley Island was an experience on its own with some of the reefs in that area teaming with life with incredible coral cover. It was clear that the fish here were not used to humans at all, many of them were extremely curious about the divers, coming extremely close for a better look.

The trip wasn’t just all about the underwater life however. We were also able to head onto Stanley Island itself and were shown some incredible Indigenous art that was thousands of years old.

In total, I did 26 dives that week and took some 1600 pictures, that’s a lot of editing!

Thanks to a great crew as always and despite it being an amazing trip, its nice to be home so that I can plan the next one.