It’s funny how life throws you opportunities when you are least expecting it. I have been involved in underwater photography for many years and am always on the lookout for new things on the Great Barrier Reef, somewhere I am lucky enough to call my backyard.

A few years ago, I was amazed when I came across one of the holy grails of underwater macro photography, a hairy ghost pipe fish, at one of my regular diving spots just out of Cairns. After a few days of diving, I had spent 4 dives with him and taken hundreds of photos.

After the first day of getting home, I put the photos onto my computer and realised that the first few were quite good so put one on a specialised macro underwater photography Facebook group. Thanks to the quick mindedness of one of my friends, Hairy Harry was created and thanks to the powers of the internet, within two days, the picture had 34 000 likes and suddenly, Harry’s face was all over the scuba diving world.

From Harrys popularity came the idea to share him with the world and the Hairy Harry books were created! I knew I wanted to share Harry with more than just the internet and I have always wanted to write a children’s book. After running some ideas past the younger members of my family, I came up with some adventures that would also bring awareness to the conservation of the reef and started writing. Get your copy of the first instalment of Harry and his friends adventures around the Great Barrier Reef here.