The Bigger Picture

This page is dedicated to the macro creatures bigger oceans brothers and sisters enjoy.

Underwater Macro Photography Portfolio

All photos are available in Acrylic Mounting Panels

Small (30cm by 40cm) $150
Medium (50cm by 50cm) $350
Large (50cm by 75 cm) $550

Please note: Larger sizes can be made on request.

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Underwater Macro Photography Portfolio

Over the past few years, before a global pandemic stopped most of our travel plans, I was lucky enough to do a lot of diving and exploring in some of the best dive locations in the world. This year, I hope we can all start to enjoy that freedom again. With the ocean in my heart, I have always had a love for the smaller creatures in the sea but, like many others, their larger siblings give us the wow factor that makes the ocean so awe inspiring.

This page is dedicated to the wow factor, the bigger picture if you please. These larger creatures have been taken by humans for century’s for food as well as other less useful things. It is time that humans realise that these creatures have a right to life and that it is not just our planet. Through pictures documenting their majesty and grace, I hope to help change the perception of many of them and bring the appreciation that they often lack from non ocean lovers. With many trips planned in the coming year, I look forward to adding more pictures to this page and lets all help the world see the Bigger Picture.